In order to download any of the extra information provided within a Form's Custom Fields, you'll need to run a Filtered Report within your MoonClerk Dashboard. 

When filtering, you'll want to narrow down the search results to a single Form - the Form that was used at checkout. Your export will be provided in the form of a CSV file that can be opened in Excel, Numbers, Sheets, etc. 

If you have multiple Forms that collect additional information, you will need to run multiple reports. Keep in mind that you can always combine the CSV files into one spreadsheet once all reports have been exported. 

You can export your Form's Custom Fields on both Payments and Recurring Plans. In this example we're going to show you how to export Custom Fields from Payments. 

1) Click on the Payments button in your MoonClerk dashboard

 2) Click on the Filter button

 3) Select the Form from which you would like to export Custom Fields. Make any additional Filtering choices and then click Apply Filter. 

4) Once you are ready to export, click Export Payments

5.) Click the Export Payments button

6.) Your export should download automatically but if not, you can click on the "download it here" link. 

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