There are 3 access statuses for an Order - Allowed, Blocked, and Scheduled. 

If you have manually allowed or manually blocked an order's access to a package, those access statuses (allowed and blocked) are indefinite. However, you can also restore the order's access status to the default settings of an order

By restoring access to the default settings, you are letting the access status follow the original settings of the order. 

For orders that are part of a one-time payment, the default access is always "Allowed".

For orders that were part of recurring plans:

  • If the plan is Pending, the access will be set to "Scheduled."

  • If the plan is Active or Past Due, the access will be set to "Allowed." 

  • If the plan is Canceled, Expired, or Unpaid, the access will be set to "Blocked."

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