The Moonclerk Pro for Mailchimp extension provides more power than our original (and still supported) Mailchimp integration. 

With our original Mailchimp integrations:

  • We auto-send payer email addresses to Mailchimp.

With MoonClerk Pro for Mailchimp you're able to more easily run a paid newsletter and can sell access to that newsletter through one-time or subscription payments. Also, if you'd just like to send more data to Mailchimp from MoonClerk and have that data auto-synced, MoonClerk Pro for Mailchimp allows you to do that too. 

With MoonClerk Pro for Mailchimp:

  • We auto-send payer name, email address, plan status, and much more to Mailchimp .
  • We auto-sync all of payer data (including recurring plan status) between Mailchimp and MoonClerk.
  • In Mailchimp, you can segment payers by recurring plan status and other data. You can send emails based on segments.
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