We will only add and sync payers to your Mailchimp Audience list who have checked out on a MoonClerk payment form you have connected to the MoonClerk Pro for Mailchimp extension. 

In order to see which payers have been added to Mailchimp, you can log into your Mailchimp account and navigate to the Audience you have connected to MoonClerk. Once you are on the correct Audience, you can view the Contacts in that Audience. 

If you have contacts coming into that Audience from sources other than MoonClerk, they will also be in the Audience. However, if they come from the MoonClerk , the contacts will have MoonClerk as the Source. 

That could still mean that the contact came from our original (and still supported) Mailchimp integration. With our original Mailchimp integration, we only pass through the email address but with our MoonClerk Pro for Mailchimp extension, we also pass through other information such as first name, last name, checkout amount, etc. If you see that other information attached to the contact, you’ll know it came from our MoonClerk Pro for Mailchimp extension. 

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