If you’d like to add additional security measures to your checkout to prevent potential fraudulent charges, you can ask your payers to enter a billing postal code at checkout in the billing section. This additional security measure will only work if you live in a country where Stripe supports this additional security feature and if adjust your settings within your Stripe account. In the “Radar” rules area of your Stripe account, you will need to make sure you choose to decline charges that fail postal code verification. Without choosing this option in your Stripe account, your MoonClerk checkout will still ask your payers for their postal codes but will not validate the postal codes when your payers enter a postal code and thus will not decline charges/checkouts based on the postal codes entered.

If a payers do not enter a billing postal code - perhaps because they live n a geographic area outside the US where zip codes do not exist - the postal code field will still display at checkout but can be left blank and the system will not decline the card based on the empty field.

If you add the billing postal code in your account settings, the postal code filed will also be added to the Payer Management section where your payers update their billing info and in the MoonClerk dashboard where you update your payers’ billing information.

To enable the postal code field on your MoonClerk account: 


 3) Click on Account Details

 4) Choose “Yes” to the question “Ask for billing postal code?”

 5) Click Update

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