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How do I add an integration to a payment form?
How do I add an integration to a payment form?
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Once you have installed an integration provider on your MoonClerk account, you will need to activate it for the payment form(s) you would like to use it with.

1) Click on the Forms button in your account's main navigation.

2) Option A.

Click on the payment form with which you would like to use the integration.

Click on the Integrate button.

2) Option B.

Click on the vertical ellipsis

Choose Integrate from the drop down.

3) If you have already installed the integration provider at the account level, you should see it under the list of "Available Integrations." Click the Add button.

4) Choose and/or enter the necessary information (may vary depending on the integration provider.)

5) Once you're done, click the Save button.

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