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How do I edit my API credentials for an integration?
How do I edit my API credentials for an integration?
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Use the Edit feature only to update regenerated credentials. If you are connecting to a different account, we recommend uninstalling the existing integration and re-installing the new one. Connecting to a different account will cause all integrations at the form level to break.
 1) Click on the account drop down button in your account's main navigation.

​2) Click on the Integrations option.

3) Find the installed integration that you would like to edit and click there.

4) Click the Edit button.

5) Depending on which integration provider you are using, you may be directed to a page hosted by that provider. If so, follow the prompts the provider gives. If not, then enter your account credentials for that provider.

6) If you needed to enter your credentials again on MoonClerk, click the Save button.

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