How do I set up a YouTube Live webinar in YouTube?
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Setting up a YouTube Live webinar inside the MoonClerk Digital Delivery extension is the same as adding a standard YouTube video. Learn how.

However, before you add the livestream webinar in MoonClerk, you’ll need to create it in YouTube:

1) Once you have logged into your YouTube account, instead of choosing to upload a video, choose to "Go Live". If this is your first YouTube Live video, the approval process may take 24 hours. 

2) Name your video and make sure you make it is “Unlisted.” This will make your livestream more private by keeping it from being published publicly on YouTube.

3) You'll likely also want to schedule it, so choose "Schedule for Later" and then the date and time. 

4) You can either choose to take a thumbnail photo or upload one. 

5) Click the "Share" button

6) Copy the link to your YouTube Live video. This is the link you'll paste when you add the video in the MoonClerk Digital Delivery extension.

7) Click the “Done” button.

When the time arrives for your webinar to start, be sure to use the Chrome browser, then:

1) Click on the GoLive button again.

2) Click "Manage".

3) Click the live video you want to start and follow the prompts from there. 

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