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How do I set up a Vimeo Live webinar in Vimeo?
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Setting up a YouTube Live webinar inside the MoonClerk Digital Delivery extension is the same as adding a standard YouTube video. Learn How

However, in order to set up a Live video in Vimeo, you’ll need to upgrade to their Premium $75/month plan that includes Live Streaming. 

Once you’ve done that, you can follow these instructions on Vimeo to create your Live video feed. You’ll schedule your Live video and receive a link for the video. We take care of embedding your video so you will not need to use the embed code that Vimeo provides. You will just need the link to your Live video. 

Within Vimeo, here are some settings we suggest for your Live video to ensure privacy:

  • In the embed settings, set as the domain that you allow for embeds. 

  • Remove the “Share” button from your videos.

  • In the “Who can watch?” section of the privacy settings, choose either “People with the password”, “People with the private link”, or “Hide this video from"

When you’re creating the product for the live video in MoonClerk, we suggest letting your payers know the date and time for the live video session in the product description area. 

Once the time arrives for your live video, you can follow these instructions on Vimeo to launch the live video. 

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