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What Vimeo settings do I need for my embedded Vimeo videos?
What Vimeo settings do I need for my embedded Vimeo videos?
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Vimeo offers more controls and options over video privacy and video display than YouTube. However, in order to take advantage of most of those controls and options, you’ll need to opt-in to one of their paid plans. Vimeo Plus should work for most options and as of the date of the publishing of this article is $7/month. 

Once you have upgraded to Vimeo Plus, here are the settings we suggest (though you may choose to set different controls than these suggestions).

Under the “Who can watch?” section of your Vimeo video
Choose either “People with the password”, “People with the private link,” or “Hide this video from”. 

  • If you choose the “People with the password” option, you’ll be asked to type in a password. In the product you create for the video in the MoonClerk Digital Delivery extension, you’ll want to include the password in the product description so your payers can access the video. 

  • If you choose, “People with the private link” option, Vimeo will generate a private link. You will not use the public link for the video. You will copy the private link and paste it when you add the video as a product in the MoonClerk Digital Delivery extension. Here is where you’ll see the private link:

  • If you choose, “Hide this video from”, you’ll just paste the public link for the video when you add it as a product in the MoonClerk Digital Delivery extension. 

Under the “Where can this be embedded?” section of the video:
Choose “Specific domains”, type, then click the + button. Make sure you click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

Next, in the “Embed” section of your video:
You’ll want to disable the “Share” button that shows on the video. You can make other choices about the controls, actions, and display of how you want your video to appear as an embed (only a few of those are shown in the screenshot below). After you’re done,  make sure to click “Save” at the bottom.

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