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How do I add access to an external link as a digital product?
How do I add access to an external link as a digital product?
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With our Digital Delivery extension, you can sell access to any external link (URL) of your choosing. For the most part, you'll probably want to provide access to links/web addresses that aren't published. These could be links to:

  • Pre-scheduled, one-on-one or group calls from services like Zoom or Google Meet.

  • Digital assets uploaded to cloud services like Dropbox.

  • Chat communities like Slack or Discord.

  • Any other web address you’d like to provide

In order to add access to any external link as a digital product:

1) Click on “Extensions” in the main navigation of the dashboard and choose “Digital Delivery”.

2) Click the “Add Product” button.

3) Choose the “Paste a Link” option.

4) Type the name you’d like to give the product, write a description for it (optional), type what you’d like the product button to say, and paste the web address for the product.

6) Click the “Save” button.

Once your payers gain access to the Package this product is attached to, they’ll be able to access from the product’s button.

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