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How do I use MoonClerk’s webhooks?
How do I use MoonClerk’s webhooks?
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Though they require more advanced technical knowhow, webhooks provide a powerful way to automate your business. Once you set up a Webhook Endpoint in the MoonClerk dashboard, MoonClerk will send a POST request to the specified endpoint URL when the specified topic(s) takes place.

Here are the topics MoonClerk provides:

Payment Created
Notifies when a payment is created in any state (failed, succeeded, etc). Includes Payment data.

Plan Created
Notifies when a plan is created. Includes Customer data.

Plan Ended
Notifies when a plan is canceled or when the set number periods have been exhausted. Includes Customer data.

Plan Payment Failed
Notifies when a payment related to a plan has failed. Includes Customer data.

To set up a "Webhook" Endpoint

1) In your MoonClerk dashboard, choose “Settings” from the Account dropdown menu.

2) Click on the “Webhooks" option

3) Click the "Create Webhook Endpoint” button

4) Enter a URL (must be HTTPS) and select 1 or more topics (at least one must be selected)

6) Click "Save"

If you would like to temporarily disable an endpoint from receiving data, you can choose “Inactive" for the state.

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