When a payment that is part of a recurring plan fails, we will attempt to charge the card again based on the settings in your Stripe account. (ACH/Bank Account payments are not retried.) 

The default settings for your Stripe account are the following:

On the 1st failed attempt, the card will be retried 3 days later

On the 2nd failed attempt, the card will be retried 5 days after the previous attempt

On the 3rd failed attempt, the card will be retried 7 days after the previous attempt

If the card still fails, the plan's status is canceled

While we cannot currently adjust these settings for you, you can sign into your Stripe account, and adjust them manually.

If you have chosen to send the "Failed Payment on Recurring Plan" notification email to payers, by default we include a link in this email from which payers can update their own card information. Payers will receive this email on every failed attempt to charge their cards. This same link is included by default on all other email notifications to the payer (all of which can be enabled, disabled and customized.)

You can also choose to receive a notification if a payment on a recurring plan has failed. In the MoonClerk dashboard, you have the ability to update the payer's card for them if you have that information.

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