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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to our most commonly-asked questions

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What is the checkout process like for a payer?
How do I use or share my payment forms to accept payments?
How and when are funds transferred into my bank account?
What do I need in order to sign up for MoonClerk?
What is Stripe and why do I need it?
What are MoonClerk's updated pricing tiers?
What happens when a payment on a recurring plan fails?
How does MoonClerk comply with GDPR?
What are the changes with MoonClerk’s new checkouts?
Does MoonClerk support digital wallets like Apple Pay?
Can I physically accept payments in-person?
Can I charge additional fees such as shipping charges and sales tax?
Can I accept ACH / Bank Account / E-Check payments?
Does MoonClerk offer Two-Factor Authentication?
Is MoonClerk available outside of the US?
Do payers need to create an account in order to pay?
Do I need a website to use MoonClerk?
Do I need to be a programmer to use MoonClerk?
Can I accept donations?
Can my payers cancel their own recurring plans?
Can I give other members of my team access to the MoonClerk dashboard?
Does MoonClerk integrate with Quickbooks?
Can I Use MoonClerk on a Squarespace Site?
How do I send out automatic notifications or receipts to payers with MoonClerk?
What notification emails does MoonClerk send me, the account holder?
What information can I gather during the checkout process?
Can I export my payment and recurring plan data in a CSV or Excel file?
Can I charge payers who live outside of my country?
Is my data portable?
What configuration options do I have for payment forms?
Can I accept payments on a mobile device?
What kinds of security measures does MoonClerk provide?
Can I accept one-time payments?
What types of design or theme customizations does MoonClerk offer for payment forms?
Can payers choose quantities when they check out and have the price automatically adjust?
Does MoonClerk work with PayPal?
If I'm accepting payments in a currency other than USD, how will I be billed for my use of MoonClerk?
Can I charge an initial, up-front payment when a payer signs up for a recurring plan?
Can I accept political contributions?
What happens to payments on a plan when it resumes (unpauses), either manually or automatically?
What happens while a recurring is in a paused state?
Can payers designate a purchase/donation as a gift to someone else or in honor of someone?
Can I sell digital products?
Do I need to enter my credit card information to sign up?
Who created MoonClerk?
Do I need to sign a contract?