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Does MoonClerk support digital wallets like Apple Pay?
Does MoonClerk support digital wallets like Apple Pay?

“Express Checkout" with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay

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Yes! With MoonClerk if your payers have Apple Pay, Google Pay or Google Pay enabled on the device or browser they are checking out on and if the payment form isn’t embedded inside your website, these payment methods will automatically appear on the payment form.

You don’t have to do anything within your account – these payment methods will appear automatically when appropriate.

We also offer the ability for you to accept payments via CashApp and Stripe Link on your checkouts.

Whether on mobile or desktop, these “Express Checkouts” reduce friction for your payers, eliminating the need for them to enter their card information. That means increased conversions and reduced frustrations. 

Here is how the Apple Pay button appears with our default theme:

The Google Pay and Microsoft Pay buttons appear in a similar manner.


  • Apple Pay will not appear if you are embedding the MoonClerk checkout inside your website.

  • We do not have a way to style either the Apple, Google, or Microsoft buttons. 

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