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What are MoonClerk's updated pricing tiers?
What are MoonClerk's updated pricing tiers?
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On May 15, 2021 our lowest two pricing tiers increased by $3 and $5, respectively, to $18/mo and $35/mo for all of our existing customers. Our higher priced tiers and our paid extensions increased modestly as well. For new customers, these pricing increases took effect on March, 15, 2021.

You can visit our pricing page to see the new tiers. If you forecast that you will be in a higher tier not listed on our website, please reach out to us and we can let you know about the higher tiered pricing changes.

This is our first price increase since 2015 - almost 6 years ago. The circumstances prompting this change are compelling. When we began, our third party payment processor, Stripe, had included recurring billing in their standard processing fees. Stripe is now charging an additional 0.5% for any recurring payments. Instead of passing those fees along to you, we have negotiated with Stripe so that we incur the cost of any recurring payments. So, if you were to use Stripe alone, you would actually be paying an additional 0.5% for recurring charges on top of the processing fee. With MoonClerk, you will not be paying that additional fee to Stripe.

Over the past 6 years our internal operational costs have increased and we have been consistently improving the MoonClerk product. However, wwe have not increased our prices until this time.

By restricting the amount of our increase­­, and by subsidizing Stripe's recurring billing fees, we seek to keep MoonClerk as an affordable option for your billing needs.

All of us at the MoonClerk are grateful for your business and want to thank you for working with us. We consider it an honor to play a small part in your work.

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