MoonClerk offers a custom form builder that allows you to ask for additional information inside your payment form that payers fill in as they are checking out. In order to use this form builder:
 1) Create a new payment form (or find the form you would like to edit.)

2) Find the Additional Information section and choose Yes

3) Click the Add Field button

4) Enter the title of the field, choose the type of field, whether the field is required or not, and if you would like, enter any instructions for the field.

5) If you have chosen a Dropdown field or Radio Buttons field, enter the different values you would like payers to choose from on separate lines.

6) Once you are finished, click the Save Field button

7) If you would like to gather more information, click the Add Field button

8) Repeat step 4) for any other information that you'd like to gather

9) If you'd like to rearrange the order that your fields will appear in during the checkout process, click the Reorder Fields button

10) Drag the field to the location you would like it to appear

11) Click the Finish Reordering button

12) Once you have finished with the additional information fields, click the Update Form button

13) Your form will now contain the fields that you added

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