In order for your payers to pay using their bank account (ACH), you must first enable bank payments as a Payment method on the payment form

1) Once you have done that, your payers will see the option of paying with their bank accounts on the payment form when they checkout. This option will show up in the Payment Details section.

2) Once they enter their contact and bank account information and click Start Bank Verification, they will arrive at a confirmation page that lets them know the checkout process has been initiated and they will receive further instructions by email.

3) When they check their inbox, they will receive the following email with instructions on how to complete their checkout (you will also receive an email notifying you that the checkout has been initiated.)

If for some reason they did not receive the email, you can manually send them the unique link for them to verify the micro-deposits made in their bank account. We also send them 2 reminder emails in the following week to make sure they remember to verify their micro-deposits.

4) Once the micro-deposits have been deposited into their bank account (1-2 business days), they will click the unique link in the email to verify the micro-deposits. They will arrive at the following page, enter the micro-deposit amounts, and click Verify. 

If for some reason, they enter the incorrect amounts, they will have 10 total attempts before the checkout is disabled and they have to begin the checkout process again. 

5) After entering the correct micro-deposits and clicking Verify, they will arrive at the Success page and their checkout is complete. Keep in mind that this now begins the ACH drafting process. While payments via credit and debit cards are typically reflected in your pending Stripe balance almost instantly, payments via ACH take 4-5 business days to process and be reflected in your pending balance. 

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