In order for your payers to pay using their bank account (ACH), you must first enable bank payments as a Payment method on the payment form

1) Once you have done that, your payers will see the option of paying with their bank accounts on the payment form when they checkout. This option will show up in the Payment Methods section.

2) The payer will arrive at a page that informs them you use Plaid to verify their bank bank account. 

3) They will then arrive at a page where they will be able to choose or search for their bank. 

4) Once they select their bank, they will then be asked to enter their online banking credentials. 

5) For over 93% of payers they will next choose which account they would like to have funds drawn from.

6) They are then redirected back to the MoonClerk payment form where their checkout is automatically completed. 

For another 6% of payers, after step 5) above, they will also be prompted to enter their routing number and bank account number before they are directed back to your MoonClerk payment form (see images below). Our ACH checkout system provides 99% coverage in the US. 

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