Learn more about how payment forms interact with your crowdfunding campaigns. 

Once you’ve connected a payment form to a crowdfunding campaign, any payments associated with the form will be attributed to the campaign. So, if you’ve connected a payment form that has recurring payments as an option, any payments made as part of a recurring plan on that connected form will be attributed to the campaign as the payments happen. 

Keep in mind that even after your campaign ends, we will continue to attribute payments made on its connected payment form to the campaign goal amount. 

Your crowdfunding campaign starts on Jan. 1 and you’ve set an End Date for your campaign as March 15. One of your supporters checks out on the campaign's connected payment form on Jan. 1 for a monthly, indefinite recurring plan of $10, starting on the checkout day. Their first payment on Jan. 1 will be attributed to the campaign goal amount at checkout. Then, on Feb. 1 and March 1, their recurring payments will also be attributed towards the campaign goal amount when those payments occur. So, by your campaign end date on March 15, they will have contributed $30 towards your campaign goal amount.

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