By default, we include custom field data in all exports of payments and plans.

However, if you filter by a specific payment form before you export, you can choose how you'd like the data to be formatted in the CSV/spreadsheet.

One option is to keep the formatting the same when you filter by a specific form as when you export across forms. When you do that you'll see that the formatting for custom fields is shown as key value pairs with one column being the custom field title and the other being the custom field response:

The other option is to have different formatting when you export by a specific payment form. This is the legacy format from when custom fields were only included in exports when the data was filtered by a specific payment form. In this legacy format, the custom fields aren't shown as key value pairs. Instead, each column header is the title of the custom field and the response is listed in that column:

If at any time, you'd like to change how the custom field data is formatted when you filter by a specific form you can do so.

1) Click on "Settings" in the Account dropdown menu

2) Click on "Account Details"

3) Scroll to the "Custom Field Exports" section and make your selection

4) Click the "Update" button

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