Tags are unique identifiers you can add attach to forms to help you group, organize, and sort forms. You can add multiple tags to a single form. And, you can add the same tag to multiple forms. Tags are optional and your payers will never see them - they are just for organizing forms in your MoonClerk dashboard.

To use tags:

1) Find the payment form you want to tag and edit it.

2) Scroll to the Form Organization section at bottom of the form edit page.

3) Type the tag you would like to attach to the form and click enter. If you want to attach a tag that already exists on another form, click on the field and choose that tag from the options.

4) Click Save or Save & Finish

5) Now when you see that form in the dashboard, you can see the tags that are attached to it. You can click on those tags to see all of the forms with that same tag.

6) You can also view all of the tags for all of your forms and see the forms they are attached to.

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