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How do I embed one of my payment forms inside my website?
How do I embed one of my payment forms inside my website?
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Embedding a form on your website allows payers to complete the checkout process without ever having to leave your site. Before embedding a payment form on your website, please keep in mind the following information:
 a) The checkout process is still completely SSL secure and PCI compliant. We still handle all of the security issues even though the checkout process is embedded in your site. However, the SSL padlock icon will not display on your address bar of your webpage unless that page is also SSL secure.
 b) If a payer is using an older browser (such as Internet Explorer 7,) the checkout will not be embedded on your site. Instead, MoonClerk will display a link to the payment form so that the payer can still check out.
 c) If you have uploaded an logo/image to the theme the form is using, we do not display that image in the embed. In addition, the page background color is set to transparent and the exterior borders of the form are removed.
 d) When the form is embedded, it expands to 100% of the width of the containing element. The minimum width for the containing element should be no less than 320 pixels. To edit the width of the embedded form, find the word "width" in the embed code we provide and adjust the pixel count that is listed after the colon.
 To embed a form on your website:
 1) Click on the Forms button in the dashboard main navigation

2) Click on the form you'd like to use

3) Click on the Use button

4) Copy the code in the Javascript Embed Code section

5) Paste the embed code into the code section of your website editor

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