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What do the different recurring plan statuses mean?
What do the different recurring plan statuses mean?
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"Active" means that a plan has already had at least one successful payment and is scheduled for future payments.

"Past Due" means that there was a failed payment on a plan but that the payer's card will be retried.

"Canceled" means that no further payments will be attempted on a payer's card. Canceled plans can be restarted.

"Expired" means that the plan had a defined duration and it has now reached its expiration date. Expired plans can be restarted.

“Pending” can have multiple meanings: 1) It can mean that a canceled plan was restarted and the restart date for the first payment was set for a future date. 2) It can mean that the recurring day for an active plan was reset to a date different than the original recurring day. 3) It can mean that the first payment after the initial checkout hasn’t occurred yet because the start day was set for the future 4) It can mean that there was a trial period set for the recurring plan when the payer first checked out and the first payment hasn't occurred yet.

"Paused" means that the plan continues but invoices will not be charged either indefinitely or for a set number of periods, depending on the pause settings. Paused plans can be resumed. Paused plans do not collect on the invoices that occurred during the paused period once the plans resume.

"Unpaid" means that all attempts to charge the payer's card have been exhausted and the unpaid invoice will not be attempted to be paid automatically anymore.

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