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How do I charge a one-off payment to a payer who has a recurring plan?
How do I charge a one-off payment to a payer who has a recurring plan?
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If payers have signed up for a recurring plan, you already have their payment information stored in MoonClerk. This means that if you need to, you can manually charge them for an immediate one-off payment and you can do so without having the payer go through the checkout process again. For example, imagine you run a lawn care service and one of your payers has a normal recurring plan for your service for $200 per month. One day, this payer asks you to do extra mulch work that costs $100. You can log in to your MoonClerk account and charge them that $100 and it will immediately charge them.

In order to do so:

1) Click on Plans in the dashboard main navigation

2) Find the recurring plan for the payer to whom you'd like to add this extra charge. Click on that recurring plan.

3) Find the Recent Payments section and click on the Create Payment button.

4) Enter the amount that you'd like to immediately charge to them.

5) If you'd like, you can enter an internal note that describes this payment.

6)Click the Charge button.

7) If you have the Payment Successful notification enabled, then we will fire off an automatic email payment receipt to the payer.

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