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How do I use MoonClerk on my Squarespace website?
How do I use MoonClerk on my Squarespace website?

Learn how to use MoonClerk on your Squarespace site

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After you’ve saved your MoonClerk payment form, select “Use” from the menu.

Once you land on the “Use” page, you will see a few different options for using MoonClerk payment forms on Squarespace websites. You can place a link on your site, you can embed a payment form on your website so visitors don’t ever have to leave your site, or you can place a button onto your site. This Help article guides you through how to use the “Embed” feature.

Once you have copied the code from the Embed section, head over to your Squarespace website where you want to place the form.

You’ll need to choose the Code Block section.

Once you’ve navigated to the Code Block section and selected the page where you want the form to appear, paste the code you’ve copied from MoonClerk into a Code Block and click the Save button.

Because the code contains javascript you won’t be able to see the form within the content editor, but it will be rendered on the front end of your site once you navigate to the designated page.

Keep in mind that Squarespace offers a great ecommerce platform. MoonClerk doesn’t offer ecommerce software. We offer the ability to accept recurring and one-time payments. So, what some MoonClerk customers do is use Squarespace’s ecommerce system along with MoonClerk’s recurring payment forms. When they need to keep track of inventory for single items they sell (and use other ecommerce features,) they use Squarespace for that portion of their business.

Your customers can check out on Squarespace’s ecommerce system for the single items and can separately check out on a MoonClerk payment forms for recurring payments.

Here's an article from our blog we wrote on how to incorporate MoonClerk into Squarespace sites. It has these step by step instructions as well as a video tutorial:

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