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How do I ask for a shipping address at checkout?
How do I ask for a shipping address at checkout?

Have your payers enter a physical shipping address when they check out.

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1) Create a new payment form (or find the form you would like to edit.)

2) Find the Additional Information section and choose Yes

3) Click the Add Field button.

4) Choose "Address" from the field type dropdown menu.

5) Enter the title of the field, any instructions for the payer, and choose whether the address is required. A key will be automatically filled for you but you can always override with your own key. 

6a) If you are using the form to shipping in the United States, you will most likely want to make sure that you are verifying the US address with official USPS addresses. 

6b) If you are using the form to ship outside the United States, you will not want to verify US addresses. However, if you would like, you can limit the countries in the country dropdown field of the address section to just the countries you ship to.

7) Save the field by clicking Finish.

8) To save all your changes, be sure to click Save & Finish within the form you have added the Shipping Address to.

9) Now, your Shipping Address will display at checkout with the parameters you have selected. 

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