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How do I run a paid newsletter with Mailchimp and MoonClerk?
How do I run a paid newsletter with Mailchimp and MoonClerk?
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Once you have activated your MoonClerk account and added the Moonclerk Pro for Mailchimp extension on your MoonClerk account, you can navigate to the extension and begin running a paid newsletter:

In the onboarding process after you’ve added the extension, you’ll be prompted to connect your Mailchimp account. Then you’ll choose the Mailchimp Audience list you’d like to connect to MoonClerk. Finally, you'll connect one or more MoonClerk payment forms to the extension.

Any payers who check out on the MoonClerk payment forms (after you’ve connected the forms to the extension) will be added to your Mailchimp account and their data will be synced between Mailchimp and MoonClerk. 

Once someone has checked out, you can log into your Mailchimp account and navigate to the Audience you’ve connected to the extension. 

Once you’re in the Audience you can view your Contacts. 

From there, in the Segments section, you can segment your Contacts to determine who you’re going to send to. 

Let’s say you have a paid subscription newsletter where your subscribers pay once a month and you send them a newsletter once a week. You’ll likely only want to send to payers whose recurring plan statuses are Active, Pending, Trialing, or Past Due. You likely don’t want to send to them if their recurring plan statuses are Canceled, Expired, or Unpaid.

In order to do that, in Mailchimp you can create a Segment of Contacts whose “Signup Source” is MoonClerk. 

You can then add 4 other conditions - Contacts whose “MoonClerk Plan Status" is “Active”, “Pending”, Trialing”, and “Past Due."

Once you name that Segment and save it, in the future when you send out your subscription newsletter, you can choose to only send to Contacts who are in that Segment. 

In order to do that, you’ll create an email in Mailchimp and choose your Audience. You’ll choose the Audience you’ve connected to the extension. You’ll be prompted to choose if you’d like to send to a specific Segment of that Audience:

You can choose the Segment you’ve created. 

We take care of making sure the Plan Statuses of the Contacts in your Mailchimp account are synced with their plan statuses in MoonClerk so you’re always only sending to your paying customers. 

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